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Case Studies
Aqua Maker :-
AquaMaker, LLC of Houston, TX, USA, is the global headquarters and distribution center of AquaMaker atmospheric water generator units. AquaMaker oversees the manufacturing, distribution, and service of the AM10 atmospheric water generator in North America and internationally.  AquaMaker is a strong supporter of the Water Quality Association. They retail their products through various offline stores.
Business Requirement
With the aim of enhancing their existing online storefront to provide value added features to their customers, Totally Fitness wanted various additional modules to be developed and integrated with the website. Provisions enabling customers to review products were required to be built into the solution. In order to promote the website in major search engines, the storefront was required to be optimized for search engines.
We have developed and integrated a product review management module with the website. Customers can submit their review on any of the products available on the website. The review is sent to the administrator for processing. Upon approval from the administrator, the review is posted on the website.
Website Strategy
Solution Fine tuning the HTML to achieve optimum “page weight”
Solution Modifying the website’s navigation and structure to increase its usability.
Solution Adding targeted keywords, descriptions and titles to the tags, enabling the site to be crawled by search engines against keywords specified.
Jal Industries :-
Established in 2002 Jal Industries is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of water purification systems and spare parts based on latest technologies. As a company and as a brand, Jal is known worldwide for its quality products, its exceptional customer service and its employees' commitment to excellence.
To keep pace with its growth, Jal contacted Net Services India to include state-of-the-art technology and web solutions within the newly developed Jal Industries.com. The goal was to create a site that was steps ahead of their competitor’s in-terms of usability and features. Jal needed a solution to display all of their different water purification systems in a way that was both user friendly and efficient for a user to actually obtain the purifying water products they wanted.
Net Services India accomplished this with the inclusion of an "Interactive water purification systems Configuration", which allows the user to configure a purifying water product to fit their house and budget online. The configuration is comprised of solid flash, using xml and a database to bring up options and configurations. In addition to the Interactive water purification systems Configuration, the new Jalindustries.com includes a customized database product-gallery for navigating Jalindustrie’s extensive Water purifying products collection and an Inspiration Photo Gallery, which takes the user to a Flash, CMS-backed showcase of vibrant, high-quality, photographs of example Jal product applications.
Customers and industry professionals now benefit from a highly accessible interface for choosing the perfect water purification systems, and a new educational resource that provides in-depth familiarity with Jal's product-line. Net Services India handled the Jal Industries contract from design to search engine optimization, to ensure that the new website becomes a strong marketing tool for the company. SEO is the process of making sure that a website is setup up to be indexed by search engines, and that through that indexing, potential customers will traffic the site.
Sai Water :-
Sai Enterprise is a leader in commercial and industrial water treatment systems. Sai Enterprise is a manufacturer, supplier, and provider of services for water treatment systems in industrial and commercial applications for treating drinking water and process water.
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