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Case Studies
Travel & Track :-
Travel & Track wanted to establish a community of reputed travel packages providers, specializing in one or more travel packages. categories like Adventures, Mountains, Wildlife, Heritage, Pilgrimage, Beach etc Travel & Track required a Web-enabled business management system using which these service providers would be able to search for other travel packages providers and offer an entire range of travel packages to customers. Travel & Track providers would be able to customize travel packages as per specific customer requirements. The solution required to be a B2B and B2C Web-based system, which would manage the network of travel service providers and customers, displaying real time travel information and synchronizing operations throughout the network.
Website Features
Real-Time Data that shows Up-to-the-Minute Details
Solution Facility to Vet and Scrutinize Real-Time Information for Determining Transactions and Profit Ratios
Proactive and Enhanced Customer Management
Web application Develompment Facility to Search for Reputed Travel Service Providers
Web application Develompment Automated E-mail Alerts for Passport and Visa Expiry
Web application Develompment Instant Tour Booking Facility for Customers
Reduced customer-response time
Customized management of franchisee operations
Real-time information on transactions, new tour packages and destinations
Web application Develompment Centralized management of franchisees, customers, and TSI operations
Club4Nri :-
Club4Nri was registered at the end of last year after a through research and feasibility study of the growing Asians/African markets for the past three years in the travels and tourism Industry. Especially the Indian Sub-Continent and in particular INDIA.
The Company has been formed to cater for the vast United Kingdom, USA/CANADA/AUSTRALIA/NEWZEALAND FIJI and the African Continent for the Non-Resident-Indian as well as other travelers who travel from these countries to INDIA.
Club4Nri contacted Net Services India originally for a new website that would allow their customers and travel agents the ability to easily navigate their site. During the following two years Club4Nri asked Net Services India to build custom solutions for tour marketing, lead management, online presentations and a gift registry for their clients.
Net Services India created a website that interacts with Club4Nri’s customers and funnels them to book tours. Net Services India used Ruby on Rails to develop a lead management solution for Club4Nri that allows them to measure their results. Technology solved the online presentation program agenda. The gift registry now interacts with Club4Nri main website using php and javascript.
Club4Nri has continued to lead the travel industry with technology. As a result their sales have continued to increase each year. Club4Nri can now manage their leads in real time and assign them automatically or manually. Their online presentation program has saved them thousands of dollars in travel expense by allowing them to present on-line at any time.
Sona Tours :-
SONA TOURISM (LLC) started to render its services on 2nd June 2003.   A remarkable customer service satisfaction is achieved till date. Sona Tours mission is to provide deluxe services at the competitive prices with sent of traditional Arabic hospitality in Dubai with a familiar atmosphere.
Sona Tours required a website that would represent it as the ultimate insiders’ guide to luxury hotels, enticing visitors to browse and book online. The web design needed to convey a great deal – portraying the luxurious nature of the properties and arming the reader with insightful and objective information, while ensuring the tone and presentation was welcoming yet elegant.
The website Net Services India created is designed to maximize the user experience. Browsers have the option of finding hotels using an interactive map, searching by individual property, or defining the ‘type’ of holiday they want, for example ‘chic city’. The personal touch is evident throughout. There is a ‘Top 10 destinations’ option to guide the browser’s search, travel articles written by discerning travel experts, along with exclusive offers for clients.
Every hotel has a full profile giving a first-hand account of all a visitor might need to know, as well as an at-a-glace review panel of essential information for quick reference. Ease of use is ensured with simple search options for room rates, prominent booking prompts and a straightforward booking procedure.
The website has been a great success. There is a real emphasis on the luxurious nature of the properties thanks to excellent photography giving a genuine essence of each hotel, a friendly yet authoritative tone, simple navigation, and a clean web design that reflects the fresh, professional site of the company. Original features such as the ‘Travel Intelligence Hotel Hot lists’ have compelling categories the likes of ‘Blow the Budget Paris’ or ‘California Cool’ to engage browsers, enhancing their online experience and inspiring them to become loyal customers.
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