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Case Studies
Paras Saree Sadan :-
The organization incorporates innovative and highly creative skills to produce an exclusive range of items of Indian Sarees. Paras Saree Sadan is complete fashion store, They offer most comprehensive and exclusive women’s quality clothing. Their best feature is that their clothes are delivered directly from the manufacturers to the customers and this helps in getting high quality and fully customized clothes at their doorstep.
The main challenge in building this website was the flash and interactive design center.
The website was expected to have a look that actually portrayed the traditional and authentic identity that brand carries with it self.
Since it's a website related to adults and kids so it is designed in peculiar manner to interest not only the women’s but also acts as a driving force for “Girls.”The website was designed so well that it is very easy to use and arouses interests because of its unique theme. We have developed a flash component through which user can customize the sarees online

The main theme of the website was to provide the unique facility to the clients for designing their clothes online and buying it all from their desktop. Hence, shopping cart was introduced.
Result :-
An Innovative Solution
Solution Increased Clientele
Ability to connect with the customers
Solution Flashy design
Solution Satisfied Customers
Reviks :-
This site is making a huge impact on the net. Reviks carries the global market of beauty and fashion. They are not just sellers, they create beauty, aura. People are logging in at 12:01 just to see what the next product will be.

Reviks  was referred to us by a previous client, after another company tried to get this project launched without success.
Needed products to display on a daily basis or only for as long as inventory was available
Solution Had no logo
Needed inventory management
Solution Needed product photography
Created a new design for their site to showcase
Solution Their Unique Products
Their E-commerce ability
Solution Policies and Procedures for the site
Solution Shot Photography in our in–house studio
Goals Achieved
Created logo for their identity, and designed cards and stationary for their company
Solution The web site was launched within 30 days of bringing the project to us
Number of viewers to the web site has increased significantly
Solution Continued shooting of product photography
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