365 Days – Imagine, Create and Deliver! Day–87:)Specific Design for specific look

365 Days – Imagine, Create and Deliver! Day–87:)Specific Design for specific look

Corporate Logo:

A corporate logo is a powerful corporate identity tool and, as the symbol by which public recognizes a firm, is in some cases more valuable than the physical assets of the firm.

The essence of design is actualization of a concept or idea into a configuration, drawing model, mould, pattern, plan or stipulation or specification (on which the actual or commercial production of an item is based) and which helps attain the item’s designated aim.

We at Approach Media have designed many corporate logos. Vision Acry Glass is one of our client for whom we have designed corporate logo. The identity of the company is represented by a logo, therefore we have given a corporate look to the logo. We have provided many options to our client.

Here, you can see that it is a Symbol Logo.  In this logo the first and the last letter of the word VISION has been used to make an appropriate symbol to give it a corporate look. The combination of “V” and “N” has made a very attractive symbol for the logo.

When you look at it clearly you will visualize first letter of the word two “V” each opposite to each other. And from another angle it looks “N”, the last letter of the word “VisioN”

The colour combination of Red, Green and Blue looks attractive and eye catching. Red is the colour of blood therefore it stands for the strength and power. Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. Green has strong emotional correspondence with safety.

Blue is the colour of sea and sky. Therefore, it stands for depth, stability and confidence and communicates the same for the company.

So now you can see how the design of a logo determines the company’s characters with its appropriate image.


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