Enter in the realm of historical importance of Logos

A general background of logos:

Every event or everything existing on this earth has its history. From human to animals, from science to management and from product positioning to logos, all have a historical importance. As our National flag expresses a distinct image and identity of our country, just like that a logo helps to represent the name and define the character of a corporation. Efficient logos become similar with the organizations they showcase. They are immediately recognized by millions of people, help to identify their companies and convey a message about the brands for which they stand. Tata, Coca Cola, Nike, McDonald’s logos are some of the most globally recognized logos.

One of the earliest logos anyone who is alive today will remember is that of the dog Nipper sitting in front of a phonograph and listening very intently. The motto “His Master’s Voice” is part of that logo. This logo made its debut in 1910.

The use of logos as trademarks goes back in time to the early days of the Renaissance, the 13th Century. Goldsmiths’ marks, paper makers’ watermarks were among the first logos used in this way, as trademarks. Trademarks, in today’s world of advertising, provide an easy method for recognizing a particular product.

It is really great to analyze the meaning of the design behind some of the corporate logos.  In some cases like Cisco, the idea behind the logo is fairly obvious but in case of Fedex, one will notice that why they spent over a million of dollars to come with a logo and Nike just cost $35 only. Companies with creative names fascinate us a lot.

It is really interesting to know about the symbolic representation of logos. The idea behind their design and concept of the logo, if we look at the logo of Kingfisher Airlines, its logo is inspired by a bird called kingfisher. The bird was kept in mind as it flies up high in the sky. To give resemblance to the brand as high as the bird flies, the company used its name and picture. Though it is going through major economic setbacks but it really touched the sky in its time and now also has an appropriate image in their prospect customers. The company is basically recognized by its corporate logo, which comes in the type of combination logo.

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