365 Days – Imagine, Create and Deliver! Day–84:) Logo and its Type

A memorable logo graphic:

In our previous blog we dealt about the symbol logo, in which we told you about its various uses for the company’s image making. Today we are telling you about the Combination logo.

Combination logo:         

A logo that in some way unite both a symbol and the company name can be termed as Combination Logo. The symbol and text can be merged together, side by side, or with one located above the other.

Combination logos are the most common type of logo for several reasons:

  • A combination logo provides the best of both worlds. This type of logo offers a memorable logo graphic that tells the story that what a company is all about, what it does, and what makes it different, all in connection with the business name for easy recognition.
  • A combination logo is a brilliant option for a small- or medium-sized company or a company just starting out, to begin to build brand recognition, because a combination logo is both visually solid and explanatory. The symbol can verbalize to the services that the company offers, while the company name increases the company recognition.
  • Combination logos are easier to copyright and protect than a symbol-only logo, because the logo symbol will always be used in connection with the business name. This automatically makes the logo unique.

Here, we have placed an example of Combination Logo. We have designed this for our client Riolam. Noble Laminates is the logo of the company. Here, text as well as symbol of Globe has been used. Green globe symbolizes the purity and greenery all over.

We give ultimate solutions to determine the best type of logo to design or to have designed for your company, based on the size of your business, how well-known you are, your business name, and your business plans, among other elements. Selecting the right type of logo design is the first step in creating your company’s appearance, visibility, credibility, and memorably.

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