365 Days – Imagine, Create and Deliver! Day–83 :) Logo and its Type

For the elegant look:

In our previous blog we discussed about the text logo and various uses and other details about it.

Symbol logo:

A symbol logo is the opposite extreme in design from a text logo. This type of logo includes neither words nor letters—only symbols, images and shapes.

A symbol logo works well when:

  • When a company already has a high level of brand recognition. If a company is a well known and what it does are already widely known, then the company can use a symbol logo as an elegant and clean solution.
  • When a company is using a combination logo for some time and have now built up enough brand recognition for the symbol to stand alone. This is a common transition for a logo design to take when your company grows.
  • When a company has a unique symbol—you wouldn’t want to be confused with or mistaken for anyone else in the industry!
  • Companies have the time and energy to trademark their logo, and then to police and enforce that trademark. This is how a company ensures that their logo continues to be uniquely their own.
  • If a company has a global presence and can develop a universal, graphic symbol that speaks to you and audiences. Additionally, a symbol can have meanings on many levels, and can also have different meanings in different cultures.

A text logo may not be the right choice if:

  • You are a company just starting out; you must have the budget and desire to educate your audience on your new symbol logo. This can be a difficult task.

In our next blog we will discuss about another type of logo. So stay tune with Approach Media Pvt. Ltd. Imagine, create and deliver.

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