365 Days – Imagine, Create and Deliver! Day–83 :) Logo and its Type

A long lasting impact on the consumers mind:

Logos are symbolic representation of a company. It is an image and identity of a company. Logos form the criteria on which people differentiate their products or brands. The symbol or text of the logo creates a visual impact on the minds of the target audience. The logos of Tata, the Birla, Mafatlal, Godrej etc. have created visual impact for a long time and till now it is there in the minds of the people. Today also almirahs are called as godrej. Detergents are known by the name of Surf. These are some examples which are always remembered at the time of logo designing, as it gives enthusiasm to the designers to create something whose essence can be felt to the last time.

There are three basic types of logos: text, symbol, and combination logos. The type of logo that will work best for your company depends on a number of considerations, such as the size of your company, the uniqueness of your name, and a variety of other factors.

Text Logo:

A text logo (also sometimes called a logotype or word mark) is a logo largely made up of the text of the company’s name. This type of logo can have some graphic elementslines, boxes, borders—that interact with, surround, or even form the letters. However, the graphic elements should be used as an accent to the text, not as a major or equally-weighted part of the logo.

A text logo works well when:

  • You have a multi-word business name. If your business name is made up of many words, that are not commonly or easily abbreviated, or when an abbreviation may not be appropriate developing a text logo will keep the logo design as simple and clean as possible.
  • You’re working with an innovative, unique business name, as with Yahoo or Google. In each case, the business name is enough to make the logo memorable.7
  • You’re designing a logo for a large company that offers many types of products, services, or a combination of both, that may be hard to define or “wrap up” in a single picture or symbol.
  • You’re designing a logo “for the long haul”—there is less concern about your company “outgrowing” a text logo—they are timeless and classic.
  • Trademark protection is highly important—as long as your business name is unique, then a text logo will also be unique.

A text logo may not be the right choice if:

  • Your business name is not unique; this can mean difficulty for building your brand recognition. Then, without a symbol, the logo will be more difficult to remember or to associate with your business.
  • Your business name does not describe what you do; it can be hard to tell what products or services you offer when just a text logo is used. Taglines or other graphic elements will need to be employed to tell your audience more about your business.

In our next blog we will be telling you about other types of logos.  So stay tuned with our blogs.

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