Evolution of Advertising

Evolution of Advertising:

Advertising has a considerable impact on society and commerce. Thousands of years ago ancient civilization has only sophisticated tools so the quantity of goods and variety wasn’t much. People lived in small isolated communities; distribution was limited, no mass purchase or mass media, no need for advertising. Historians believe that Greeks and Roman introduced advertising as they benefited from expanded contacts with other society. They used more sophisticated tools and enhanced communication. Increased demand for goods created a need to advertise their quality. Signs carved in clay were hanged in front of shops.

Throughout, the society and technological advancements have affected advertising.

The Impact of Printing:

It is really interesting to know the impact of printing of historical period.

Germany – 1450 was a major event in the history of civilization and most important in advertising.

Investor – Johannes Guttenberg – Printing Press new technology facilitated the first formats of mass advertising – Posters, Newspapers, Advertisements 1472 – First advertising published about sale of a prayer book on the door of a church.

The Industrial Revolution:

Industrial Revolution began in 1700 in England and reached U.S. by early 1800s. Machinery began to replace manpower, mass production became possible. The need for mass consumption developed. Manufacturers were no longer content to sell only in their local area. They soon realized the tremendous need for advertising to sell more. Initially magazines were used.

The Communication Revolution:

The Technological advancements in 19th century created the greatest changes in the advertising industry. For instance introduction of photography changed the way the ads were illustrated, products could be shown as they really were.

Introduction of telegraph, telephone, typewriter, motion picture enabled people to communicate as never before. Rapidly growing population increased consumption, increased literacy rate.

So, got to know interesting information about the evolution of advertising, in our upcoming blogs you will get to know about development of modern advertising.

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